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Greetings!  I'm planning to go back to school this year for some upgrading. I'm either want to take Unit Clerk or Medical Office Assistant. Could you be able to send me the requirements?  Please and thank you.
Calgary, Alberta
Hello, do I still have time to apply?  Thank you,  Julie
Edmonton, Alberta
Hi,     Over 13 years of experience in the IT industry, mainly in Enterprise Software Development at various levels ranging from Programmer to Consultant, and use PowerBuilder as the main programming tools with SQL programming language.     I am looking to do skill upgrade and looking to get certificate in QA Professional/Software Tester, does your College have such course.        Your help much appreciated.
Edmonton, Alberta
Hi,  I'm a temporary contract worker here in Calgary now, but I would like to enhance my knowledge in my chosen field work as a kitchen chili's restaurant, are you accepting student like me, if yes, how and what do I need to enroll. Thank you
Calgary, Alberta
How can I get transcripts or a detailed course description.  I graduated from business admin-Management
Edmonton, Alberta
how can u join the program? and how much is it?  
Edmonton, Alberta
how do I become apart of the success at your college?
Sherwood Park, Alberta
how do I enroll and what is the cost? I am a 4th year apprentice in this trade do u guys have a refresher program?
Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
how do I get a grant for the mba program
Edmonton, Alberta
How do I get started in human resources?
Edmonton, Alberta
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