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can I take this course online? how much would t cost me?
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Do you provide a sewing machine, material, and sewing tools?
Regina, Saskatchewan
Does Red Deer college have some form of living quarters for their students while they attend?
Marshall, Saskatchewan
Hi! I was just wondering if you could send me information for international students such as living allowances, tuition, and if scholarships are available.
Regina, Saskatchewan
How do I know what courses I should take?  Are there any fees that I need to be aware of in advance?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
how long is the course and upon completing it where can I be employed
Regina, Saskatchewan
how long is the course and what is the cost.
Humboldt, Saskatchewan
How much is the course?  How long does it take?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
I am currently employed as a Caretaker in an Elementary School in Melfort, Saskatchewan... if and when I complete this course, what will I be able to apply for after completion..??
Melfort, Saskatchewan
I have credits for the addictions counseling program.  I am just a few short and I am looking to finish this program.  What is the length of this program? Is it 2 or 4 year? Would my credits carry over from Sask to BC. What other information do you have. Thank you for your time.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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