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Effective Recruiting to Convert the Most Students Possible
  • Once a prospect is interested enough to contact your school there are steps you should follow to help convert as many students as possible 
  • Following these steps is guaranteed to increase your overall enrollments
1. Call Each Prospect Immediately
a. Pick up the phone, do not e-mail
b. You are helping the student
c. They want to and appreciate hearing from you
d. Email does not sell your school like a phone call

2. Bring the Prospect in for a Tour
a. Do not give out too much info on the phone
b. Always invite the decision maker to come along
c. Recruiters should be present for all tours
d. Give them something they can take home

3. Take Notes that Help Build a Relationship
a. Take detailed notes for each prospect
b. People buy from people
c. Care about the people you are speaking to
d. Take a note even when you leave a message

4. Set a Follow Up Date for Each Prospect
a. Without a follow up date the prospect is lost
b. Ask for a good time to get a hold of them
c. A missed contact is not a lost contact
d. Look for something to get back to them with

5. Control the Presentation
a. Decorate the school with a recruitment focus
b. Ensure recruitment office exciting for prospects
c. Recruiter knows the big picture of the school

6. Increase Your Availability
a. Work two evenings a week, and one weekend per month to reach more prospects
b. Be available on instant messaging programs

Common Mistakes & Misconceptions in Recruiting:
  • If someone is interested they will get back to us
  • E-mailing is much more efficient / effective (no, it is a tool that gets you on the phone)
  • Leads that are over a month old are dead leads

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