The CampusLogin software has been an instrumental part of our success, a must for any school wishing to increase enrollment.
Peter Dykstra,
Medix School


We have been working with Great Exposure for several years now, and are very happy with the quality of the leads generated by them.

CampusLogin has allowed us to manage our advertising at a granular level. Access to real time information is crucial in today’s environment and, with CampusLogin; we have access to such information. In addition, CampusLogin has also allowed for real time integration between our Admissions and Marketing departments, which has tremendously helped increase the effectiveness of our campaigns.
Andre Souza, Eminata Group

CampusLogin has been instrumental in our success, allowing us to convert leads more effectively using the latest in recruiting technology and best practices. We are able to make better decisions on how to spend our marketing dollars thanks to the custom reporting features, spending less yet with improved results, and the ability to manage our marketing and recruiting efforts across all our campuses from anywhere has been key to the growth of the Academy. I would highly recommend CampusLogin to anyone looking for a school management solution!
Athena Johnston, Bellus Academy

CampusLogin has been a great asset to our organization and our recruiting efforts. Being able to track all of our various marketing efforts and pull “up to the minute” reports on the effectiveness of these campaigns has been vital. The ease of not only sending, but being able to track mass email campaigns has been remarkable. This has allowed us to more effectively follow-up with our leads and track various campaigns to find the most effective ROI.  Marketing communications is a lot more than broadcasting simple emails and we needed a tool to take us to the next level. I am learning a lot about our clients and visitors by seeing the pages they visit, and then to drive this information to our sales staff’s finger tips… it’s very effective. What makes CampusLogin even better is the team; they are flexible, open and fun. I did my homework when looking into leading marketing automation companies. CampusLogin is a good fit and I know I made the right choice.
Bali Mann, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Saj and the team at CampusLogin are wonderful! We only began our relationship with CampusLogin a handful of months ago and we are already VERY happy with our decision!  The product is flexible and customizable and really allows us to use technology in new and exciting ways! CampusLogin will soon become a one stop shop for the management of the student life cycle.  Thank you CampusLogin!

Coty Ross, Avenue Five Institute

The folks at Great Exposure have been instrumental in the re-organization of our recruitment efforts, from help with selection and training of the best talent, to creative and efficient management of our leads.
Ken Trevenna, OIART

Great Exposure has been a critically important partner in helping deliver and support our growing needs. From website design and implementation, to quality of service and support, they have exceeded our expectations. Their commitment and personal attention to Bryan University remains a 10 out of 10.

Mark Evans, Bryan University and Bryan College

Our institution has been a pay per lead client of Great Exposure for over a year and during the past six months we have also been a subscriber to CampusLogin.

During that time we have seem demonstrable improvements in almost all areas of our front-end operations. Our overall cost per inquiry has been drastically reduced, as the quality of the pay per lead inquiries we get from Great Exposure has exceeded our highest expectations. This allowed us to reduce our overall advertising spending, which we re-directed to CampusLogin.

The CampusLogin experience has been little short of fantastic — our conversion rate has improved by almost 3%, our cancellation rate has decreased and probably the best benefit has been the improved performance overall of our sales staff.  Although sceptical at first, I have become a firm believer in Great Exposure and their products, and our success over the last year substantiates this.

I highly recommend these products to any institution looking to grow.
Michael Conroy, MTI Community College

If you are looking for an all inclusive lead management platform that: captures leads with no data entry from vendors, is your daily calendar for appointments, tracks all follow ups, implements target specific HTML emails, tracks emails opened, tracks email links clicked, and does multiple reports for lead analysis…look no further. I highly recommend this to all clients
Milton Pierce, Bellus Academy

The CampusLogin software has been an instrumental part of our success, a must for any school wishing to increase enrollment.
Peter Dykstra, Medix School

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