CampusLogin has been a great asset to our organization and our recruiting efforts. Being able to track all of our various marketing efforts and pull “up to the minute” reports on the effectiveness of these campaigns has been vital. The ease of not only sending, but being able to track mass email campaigns has been remarkable. This has allowed us to more effectively follow-up with our leads and track various campaigns to find the most effective ROI. Marketing communications is a lot more than broadcasting simple emails and we needed a tool to take us to the next level. I am learning a lot about our clients and visitors by seeing the pages they visit, and then to drive this information to our sales staff’s finger tips… it’s very effective. What makes CampusLogin even better is the team; they are flexible, open and fun. I did my homework when looking into leading marketing automation companies. CampusLogin is a good fit and I know I made the right choice.
Bali Mann,
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Top 10 Ways to Increase Enrollments

10 Proven Ways CampusLogin | Leads  Will Increase Your Enrollments
  1. Mass Emails with Link Tracking
    With just one click of the mouse, send a mass email to thousands of potential students in your database. Use CampusLogin | Leads email tracking system to monitor who is opening your emails and what links they are clicking on. Track who is clicking to visit your website, apply online, download an application, etc. and bring all of your hottest leads to the surface with each email campaign! 
  2. Automated Follow Up
    Deliver automated emails to your prospects as soon as they contact your school. Keep the prospects interested by responding right away and be the first to reply to students who contact multiple schools. Set up delayed autoresponders to automatically deliver graduate testimonials, newsletters, etc. to trickle market to all of your new leads. In addition to emails, automatically schedule a series of phone calls on your recruiter’s calendars.
  3. Application Manager
    Use the CampusLogin | Leads application manager to monitor your online applications. All new applicants are added to a queue for easy follow up. In addition to tracking your applicants, CampusLogin technology tracks who has begun the application but not submitted it and who has simply logged in to view the application process. This gives your recruiters insight into the leads that are close to enrolling, allowing them to follow up and hopefully convert these leads.
  4. Leads with No Follow Up Report
    When recruiters login to CampusLogin each day their home screen diplays a report showing all the leads in the database without future follow up scheduled. Without a scheduled follow up, leads rarely hear from your recruiters again. Having a follow up scheduled for each lead in your database is guaranteed to increase enrollments. Managers can also view a report to see the number of leads without follow up scheduled by recruiter.
  5. Sent Mail Page
    The same technology that is used to track your mass email campaigns is used to track your recruiter’s individual emails as well. Now after sending an email to a lead your recruiters can check if the lead has opened the email and if they have clicked a link (e.g. downloading an application). This gives your recruiters tremendous insight into who their hottest leads are.
  6. Analytics
    CampusLogin | Leads has over thirty detailed reports to give you detailed insight into your school and your admissions department. View conversion rates by recruiter, program, media, postal code, city, province and country. Improve your recruitment process by monitoring closing time, aging leads, phone activity and trend reports.
  7. Student Profile
    The sophisticated contact sheet in CampusLogin | Leads gives you a detailed profile of every lead in your database. Easily view all past communication for each lead in one place including all notes, phone calls, incoming emails, outgoing emails and tours booked. Recruiters can continue conversations with leads exactly where they left off by accessing all of this information on a single page. Facilitated student contact gives your recruiters the greatest chance of converting leads into students.
  8. Call Campaigns
    Easily create call campaigns for your recruiters to focus in on certain leads in your database. Have a program, start date, open house, special event, etc. that you are trying to fill? Create a call campaign to ensure your recruiters follow up with all potential leads. Track, by recruiter, which leads have been called since the campaign was created and which have yet to be contacted. View conversion statistics to monitor the success of your campaigns.
  9. Automatic Tours
    One of the greatest challenges facing schools is getting leads to come in for a tour of your campus. With CampusLogin | Leads dynamic tour booker your leads can book tours directly onto your recruiters calendar. Promote the book a tour form right on your official website and use the email marketing features to promote personal tours to your entire database. 
  10. Text Messaging
    Increase your chances of reaching your leads with the CampusLogin texting functionality.  Send a text message to individual leads, or send a mass text to a large group of prospects.  You can even filter your mass texts to people interested in certain programs, start dates, etc.  Increase your campus tour show rate by sending an automated text message reminder 24 hours before the campus tour.
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