CampusLogin manages your school’s website, vendors, leads and students...with one powerful online system.

Our advanced CMS is designed to give you in-house control of your website with specific features used to recruit more students.
A complete toolkit to manage and analyze all vendors and leads. Track advertising spend right down to cost per student.
Advanced CRM for lead profiling, reporting and mass emailing features. Maximize conversions with built-in tools to follow best practices in recruiting.
One master system to track and manage all student details including grades, finances, attendance, and schedules.
Four powerful applications integrated into one simple login
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“CampusLogin has been a great asset to our organization and our recruiting efforts. Being able to track all of our various marketing efforts and pull “up to the minute” reports on the effectiveness of these campaigns has been vital. The ease of not only sending, but being able to track mass email campaigns has been remarkable. This has allowed us to more effectively follow-up with our leads and track various campaigns to find the most effective ROI. Marketing communications is a lot more than broadcasting simple emails and we needed a tool to take us to the next level. I am learning a lot about our clients and visitors by seeing the pages they visit, and then to drive this information to our sales staff’s finger tips… it’s very effective. What makes CampusLogin even better is the team; they are flexible, open and fun. I did my homework when looking into leading marketing automation companies. CampusLogin is a good fit and I know I made the right choice.”

- Bali Mann
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

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